Real Estate Marketing With Social Networking

Having a well rounded online real estate marketing strategy means taking the time to incorporate your social networking efforts with your overall plan. This doesn’t mean that you will market your real estate business the same way on your social networks as you do on your blog and SEO as there are different techniques that you will need to implement to achieve success.With social networks one of the most essential methods is to understand that you need to provide value before your network will be able to help you. Providing value to your network doesn’t take massive amounts of effort, it just takes a focus on the needs of those you are connected with.Here are three methods to focus on that will help you to provide value and to turn your social networking efforts into a powerful real estate marketing machine.

Organize your groups – Organize those that are in your network into related groups. These could include groups like local real estate professionals, friends, affiliates, and even referral agents. The more organized you keep your groups the easier it is to effectively communicate with them by providing them the information they need. When you provide the information they crave they will identify you as the key source of information and want to give back.

Status Updates – Status updates are one of the easiest ways to provide value and get the conversation going with those in your network. Whether you update your status through networks like Twitter, Facebook, or another application it is essential to focus your updates on what your network needs. This could mean sharing links of new websites you have found, commenting on the inventory in your area, or just sharing something interesting you did over the weekend. A balance of updates will keep the conversation and allow those in your network to show interest in the topics that they connect with the most.

Reach Out – Taking a marketing approach to your social networking means more than just sending out updates. Social networking allows you to easily connect and determine what the needs are of those in your network. Take time to reach out to those in your network through commenting and direct e-mails to determine what their true needs are. Their needs may not be something you can solve, but take the time to listen, and maybe even connect them with someone in your network who can solve the problem.
Real estate marketing within your social network means balancing your needs with those you are connected with. Having an overall focus on providing value will allow both strangers and those who you are connected with to help you with your real estate goals.

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