Automotive Training School Graduate Talks Shop About New Automotive Career

Automotive training schools give students the tools they need to successfully work in auto career jobs they will truly enjoy. Travis DeCesaro is a recent graduate of an auto mechanic training program in Colorado Springs and has been kind enough to share his story.Mr. DeCesaro graduated from an auto mechanic training program in 2010 and is currently working at an auto center in Pueblo Colorado. He has been working with them for over a year now.Q: What are some of your favorite things about your new auto career job?A: I would say my favorite part of my job is working with my hands as well as my head. Sometimes I have to use a lot of problem solving abilities. Also, I’m not flipping hamburgers!Q: How do you like the auto mechanic career field so far?A: I enjoy it very much. It can range from boring sometimes to challenging and rewarding at other times.Q: What are your day-to-day auto career job duties and responsibilities?A: Job duty and responsibilities are to me summed up into two words, “Quality control”. My responsibilities are to make sure the customer doesn’t leave with an inferior repair, and that they are satisfied with the service they’ve received.Q: How do you like the hours at your new job?A: As of right now the hours are good. We’ve been so slammed we have had to reschedule a lot of customers.Q: Do you feel fulfilled in your new career as an auto mechanic?A: I would say that I am fulfilled in my career. I mean, there is always room for more money. But I work with a great team of guys; we have chemistry. If there is ever any problem I have that I can’t figure out, which isn’t that often, we have no problem putting our heads together to get the job done.Q: In what ways did your auto mechanic training prepare you for your new auto career job?A: Well, aside from (providing me with) the tools I needed to get started, the program helped boost my confidence by teaching me hands-on (skills). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my share of book work, but not as much as I thought there was going to be. The best way to learn something for me is to be shown, and they did show me a lot.Q. Would you refer friends to the automotive training school you attended?A: Of course I would recommend my school to a friend.Q. What advice would you give to current or potential students of auto mechanic training programs about finding and sustaining auto career jobs in the real world?A: Experience matters in this industry. Aside from just going to school and learning about cars, you need to get out there and put your knowledge to the test. Try and document what you’ve repaired and put it in your portfolio. Employers want to know that you’re capable of doing the work. Pay attention to your instructors. Ask questions, even if you think it might be a dumb one. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Really, you only get out what you put in!SummaryMaybe you’ve been on the fence about contacting an automotive training school about auto mechanic training. Now that you’ve heard first hand from an actual student-turned-auto mechanic, you can make a more educated and personal decision on the type of career training that is the best fit for you.

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